If it’s ever been on your bucket list to dine with a Michelin star chef then your dreams are about to come true.

The ‘Four Hands’ experience will see a succession of visiting chefs sharing the helm at Kensington Street’s The Private Kitchen (POP UP), The Old Rum Store, including Chef LG Han, of Labrinth, Singapore who has a brand, shiny new Michelin star to his name!

The residency will be led by our very own Chef Lino Sauro of Olio Kensington Street and Gattopardo, Singapore.

Sauro’s talent is recognised widely, with numerous accolades to his name. In 2016, the World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence honoured Sauro with the Chefs Choice Award. In the same year, Sauro was inducted into the WSQ Mentor Chef Hall of Fame. Sauro has cooked for actress Sophia Loren and a Prime Minister or two.

This August, Chef Lino will be joined by Michelin Star Chef LG Hahn to present a dinner that marries the cuisine of two very different chefs. In one corner will be Chef Han with his Neo-Singapore cuisine, a style that represents familiar Singapore flavours and delivers dishes in a novel and unexpected form through the use of food science and modern technology. In the other, chef Lino, the master of nuova Sicilian cuisine. Both pay homage to their respective cuisines but are united in their modern interpretations and have collaborated to deliver a six-course degustation menu that will sling you between Singapore and Italy in a matter of mouthfuls.

So, dine like the glitterati and indulge in a six-course Michelin degustation meal with your friends.

Four Hands Menu


LG Han: Chargrilled Abalone Tart with Fresh Oyster Sauce

Lino Sauro: Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke, Sicilian Pecorino, Hazelnut Mousse


LG Han: Local Mud Crab, Chilli Ice Cream, Mantou Crouton


Lino Sauro: Risone, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Yellowfin Tuna, Flinders Rose


LG Han: Blackmore Beef, Manjimup Truffle Satay Sauce, Rice Cake

Lino Sauro: King George Fillet with Sicilian Dashi and Winter Mushrooms


LG Han & Lino Sauro: Frozen Fu Chok

Four Hands: Chefs Lino Sauro & LG Han

*Communal table setting

Wednesday 9th August, 6pm

Location: The Private Kitchen, Level 3, The Old Rum Store, Kensington Street, Chippendale
Price: $120pp, dinner only / $175pp with paired wines

Four Hands: Chefs Lino Sauro & LG Han

*Limited private table bookings of  2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 available

Thursday  10th August, 6pm

Location: Olio Kensington Street, Level 2, The Old Rum Store, Kensington Street, Chippendale
Price: $195pp, with premium paired wines


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