This is a forum for creative voices, a feast for the ravenous, a home for the urban nomads.

This is the destination where Sydney’s past, present and future converge.

This is a thriving community shaped by Greencliff, the visionaries transforming our lifestyle & dining culture. This is Kensington Street.


Destination Chippendale, the creative heart of Sydney, lays out this city’s most daring terrain.

Comprised of interlacing streets inhabited by local innovators, Chippendale is home to creative businesses, cafes, bars, restaurants and galleries, such as Spice Alley’s Kopi-TiamMekong, KYO-TO, Bar Chinois, Glider KS, KOI, Kensington Contemporary, Galerie pompom and White Rabbit Gallery. Our own boutique five-star hotel, The Old Clare, offers exquisite dining experiences from top chefs Jason Atherton (Kensington Street Social) and Clayton Wells (Automata).

Destination Chippendale have an extensive guide to Chippendale and Surrounds featuring galleries, eateries and establishments. Be sure to download it here:


We draw the borders around Sydney’s downtown but really, the limits are endless.


Kensington Street is at the heart of Sydney’s new, emerging downtown.


No one is an outsider to Kensington Street.

It stands as the brainchild of Greencliff. Forged from the unyielding vision of Executive Chairman Dr Stanley Quek, the street paves the path to our city’s future.

Industrial structures that were once vacant and hollow are now filled with life, where our tenants welcome curious visitors. Cafes, bars and restaurants are open for old friends to rendezvous, and new friends to meet. Spice Alley’s Kopi-Tiam weaves into our street’s architectural fabric the flavours of the Asian metropolis. Exhibition spaces showcase the foremost talents working in contemporary art and design. Kensington Street is home to all.

Spice Alley

Kensington Street’s own Spice Alley is home to the Kopi-Tiam – six hawker-style diners under glowing lantern ceilings. Bordered by two small restaurants, this laneway meanders through the landscape of Asian cuisine. Visit spice-alley.com.au for more info


Dine on Singaporean dishes at Alex Lee Kitchen, Bang Luck Thai Street Food, Old Jim Kee’s Malaysian spices and Cantonese street food from Hong Kong Diner. Book-ended by Japanese dining hall KYO-TO and Vietnamese fares from the glass-faced Viet, Spice Alley unites family recipes from across the Asian continent.

Bars & Dining

Kensington Street’s heritage buildings are host to a number of exquisite food and beverage specialists.


Kensington Street’s eclectic mix of small restaurants bring delicious local and international cuisine to our communal feast table. We dine on seafood and satay, toast and tapas, topped off with the cream of the crop: the greatest desserts this city has to offer. The cafes pour Sydney’s finest coffee and small bars are open for those who prefer a cosy diversion. Take a seat – there’s plenty to go around.


Sydney’s latest downtown lifestyle destination


In Sydney’s new downtown and university precinct, Kensington Street is a lifestyle destination, a glowing nexus of lifestyle visionaries who gather round the drawing board to sketch out our city’s future.

Their deft hands pass over this street, crafting a mood that is raw and organic – even gritty at times – epitomising Sydney’s diverse cultural tastes. It’s sometimes quirky, sometimes shocking, often titillating but always refreshing.


Experience Kensington Street’s shopping destinations


Speciality retail outlets are available as dual usage spaces and other nooks and crannies that jolt an element of surprise into the Kensington Street experience. This development in Sydney’s global village is where culture, cuisine, music, art and lifestyle collide in a most endearing fusion of metropolitan slick and cottage charm.


Find Kensington Street tucked away on the city side of Central Park, just off Broadway on the eastern fringe of Chippendale. Steeped in colonial history, Kensington Street presents an idiosyncratic profile of heritage buildings and soaring steel structures.

Behind it lies Spice Alley, where a six-part hawker eatery is bordered by small restaurants and strung with lanterns. Lined with culinary masters, creative forerunners and youthful entrepreneurs, this is the walkable entrance into the heart of Chippendale.


Parking is limited on Kensington Street and in the surrounding streets, although off-street parking can sometimes be found on Balfour Street. There are several parking stations nearby. Click here to view parking map.

Valet parking is available for Kensington Street for $25 for 4 hrs or $50 overnight.

Pull up outside The Old Clare Hotel on Carlton Street (parallel to Kensington Street) and drop your keys off at the Hotel reception. You then just walk through the hotel lobby and you will have arrived at Kensington Street.

For questions about drop off, pick up and pricing, call The Old Clare Hotel reception on 8277 8250.

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