Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton takes up the final vacancy at The Old Clare Hotel with his first Australian venue, Kensington Street Social. In a menu that’s all about clean flavours, cool food and value. Served in share plates, Atherton offers a versatile dining experience to be passed around the table.

It’s playful, toying with some of Social Company’s signature dishes and incorporating Australia’s best produce. “English Breakfast tea and toast” presents wild mushroom tea served with relish and bone marrow toast, a nudge at its conventional counterpart. From an extensive cocktails list, “Hipster Breakfast” boasts on a little slip of paper that “you won’t have heard of it yet…” and “Cereal Killer” arrives in a glass milk carton.
Puns are relished as much as local produce.

Designed by Neri & Hu and executed by architect Matt Darwon, Kensington Street Social remains conscious of its industrial roots, with concrete finishes that echo Chippendale’s restored urban landscape.


Address: 3 Kensington Street, Chippendale NSW 2008

Phone: 02 8277 8533

Email: mail@kensingtonstreetsocial.com

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: breakfast from 7am, lunch from 12pm, dinner from 6pm

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