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Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours, will take you on a time-travelling journey through vestiges of Chippendale’s past, guided by a professional historian. The experience includes complimentary wine, and the opportunity for a sumptuous lunch on Kensington Street.

Chippendale Creative Precinct is a non- profit organization that aims at celebrating and developing the lifestyle and culture of Chippendale. The Historical Walking Tours will be an extension of our passion for and commitment to generating interest in and appreciation of Chippendale.

Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours will take you on a time-travelling journey through vestiges of the area’s past, guided by a professional historian. The colonial history, industrial heritage and sordid tales beneath Chippendale’s cultural renaissance and vibrant culinary and artistic scene will be revealed in an informal, social setting.

Begin with a glass of complimentary wine in Kensington Street’s Asian street food experience, Spice Alley whilst admiring the latest works on display at Kensington Contemporary. After being immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of this burgeoning international lifestyle destination, head off on an adventure to explore the its past.

Each Historical Walking Tour will revolve around a different thematic or site-specific layer of Chippendale’s multifaceted history, visiting a different set of sites each month. The heritage and historical secrets of the Chippendale precinct hide away in meandering alleyways and spectacular architecture, waiting to be revealed.

See the Chippendale Creative Precinct website for more details.


Email: info@chippendalecreative.com.au

Phone: 0417 494 317

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